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Password Management Tool KeePass


Everyone has issues keeping track of all their passwords, but the issue is double-fold for IT staff.  You not only have a need for your own passwords, you have to remember administrator passwords for a large number of systems.  There are many applications out there that will do this password management for you and all of them have their up sides and down sides.

KeePass UI ScreenshotThe way that I have managed passwords over the last 5 years has been through an application called KeePass.  KeePass is a free open source application that stores you passwords in an encrypted file.  You can put notes and other information into KeePass as well.  It allows you to group like passwords together in groups you can define.  I do things like work passwords, bank accounts, support sites, social media accounts, etc.

There are KeePass applications for lots of different OS’s as well.  Apples OSX, the iPhone iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android, etc.  Keeping your encrypted files synced between all these devices can be a bit tricky, but it is a great start and has seen me through thousands of passwords over many years.


2 Responses to “Password Management Tool KeePass”

  1. Hi Ryan,

    This is a great tool and an awesome idea! We all have too many passwords and the recent exposure to LinkedIn pointed out how so many people are using the same password in multiple places.

    The concept of a password manager has been around for awhile (Life Hacker’s High Five from 2008, but still I see so many people doing it the hard way (remembering) or the wrong way (using the same, weak password).

    Having made it through the Android instructions for syncing KeePass through DropBox, I notice it isn’t an easy task and far from an intuitive solution. Have you come across any solution that may be user friendly enough that we could recommend to our friends/family/clients?

    Similarly, have you come across any fantastic instructions for synchronizing between devices?

    Thanks for the great post!

    Posted by Andy Babb | June 14, 2012, 12:11 pm

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