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Businesses Can Print From iPads, iPhones, and Other IOS Devices Too

Apple products are awesome in so many ways, but can be really annoying in other ways.  Especially in the business environment.  It can seem impossible to integrate these devices into an enterprise environment but we still need to think about it because there is an ever growing need to do so.  A specific challenge I have been working on with IOS devices is printing.

iPhone Printing ExampleFirst, they can only print using bonjour and second there are only a couple printers that  IOS devices support.  To top it all off, none of those printers are enterprise level or can handle any kind of volume at all!  So what can we do to support the owner of the company the has an iPad and demands that he be able to print from it?

Well, one of the better solutions that I have found is a print server the supports IOS that you can put on your higher end business printers.  The Lantronix xprintserver looks like the best option on the market right now.  You put the device inline at the printer and it enables you to print to your business printer.

The one remaining hurdle that needs to be considered here is bonjour. Bonjour traffic is apples version of “auto-config” and is normally not bridged between subnets in a network.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about here, your environment probably only has one subnet and this issue may not apply to you.  If you know you have multiple subnets then you are going to have to put the printer into the same subnet your IOS devices are in.

Have you run into this support issue?  Have you found other was of solving the problem?  Let us know!


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